On foot

Pedestrians can get to the festival via the walking routes starting from the 2 parking zones:

  • From parking zone Kelchterhoef (Entrance Red) via Kelchterhoefstraat
  • From parking zone Europark (Entrance Blue) via Klein Hoevestraatje


Visitors can leave their bikes at one of the 2 bicycle parkings:

  • Bicycle parking ‘Kelchterhoef’ can be reached along Abdijhoeve via Kelchterhoefstraat (Entrance Red)
  • The bicycle parking ‘Europark’ is located on the grass field at the beginning of Klein Hoevestraatje (Entrance Blue)

Public transportation


The nearest train station to the festival is Station Hasselt. You can plan your train ride here.

Shuttle bus Molenheide <> Extrema

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, a shuttle bus will run between Molenheide and Extrema.
Departure times from Molenheide:

  • Friday: 16.00h and 17.00h
  • Saturday and Sunday: 11.30h, 12.30h and 13.30h.

Departure times from Extrema:

  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 01.00h and 03.00h.

Shuttle bus Hasselt railway station <> Extrema

This year we'll also provide shuttle buses from Hasselt railway station to the festival and back.
The bus stop to Hasselt is located on Weg naar Zwartberg near the Kelchterhoef roundabout. It will also stop at Labyrinth Club for the afterparty. Pedestrians will pass through here as they make their way to Entrance A or the campsite. For a return ticket there is a charge of €5. You can only buy a ticket in the shuttle bus.

Shuttle bus schedule


Departure from Hasselt


Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Departure from Hasselt

* only on Friday

Departure from Extrema



Departure from Extrema


Travel Coaches / Organised bus transfers

Travel coaches can drop off and pick up people, but also park in the Europark zone (Parking Blue). On the grounds of Espa nv parking spaces are provided for these buses. Please register here to receive the information in advance.

You can also book one of our party buses in cooperation with Partybussen via the links below:

You can only use these navigation links to get there:


The car parks are divided over 2 parking zones:


The parking area is located on the domain of Kelchterhoef. It can be reached via Donderslagweg (connecting to the E314) or via Weg naar Zwartberg.

For a parking ticket at Parking Red there is a charge of €20.
VIPs can park for free when showing their ticket.
You can pay by cash or by card.

You can only use these navigation links to get there:

Follow the signage "Parking Red"


You can park your car in the car parks of companies in the Europark which can be reached via two routes:

  • Grote Baan (N715) - Herebaan-Oost - Europarklaan
  • Grote Baan (N715) - Sint-Trudoplein - Kazernelaan - Europarklaan

For a parking ticket at Parking Blue there is a charge of €10.
You can pay by cash or by card at the entrance.

You can only use these navigation links to get there:

Follow the signage "Parking Blue".


Two kiss & ride zones are available:

CAMPING - Zone Red (K&R)

Visitors with a Holiday Ticket or VIP Ticket can use the Kiss & Ride zone in the parking lot of EXPO Vrije Markt Kelchterhoef.

You can only use these navigation links to get there:

FESTIVAL - Zone Blue (K&R)

Day & Weekend Ticket holders can use the Kiss & Ride on the grounds of Greenville in Houthalen. It is located in Centrum-Zuid, a parallel road to the Grote Baan (N715). It is easily accessible from E314, via exit 29 and the Grote Baan.

Free shuttle buses will be deployed between the Kiss & Ride and the Europark parking area. Please note: Taxis and visitor rental vehicles can only pick up and drop off customers at the Kiss & Ride.

You can only use these navigation links to get there:


People with a disability can park their car at the artist parking where a (special) shuttle bus will take you to the entry.