Green Production

  • The assembly and disassembly of the festival takes place entirely on direct current, like batteries or a solar cell. Energy transport by direct current is  more efficient  than by alternating current.
  • We ask our on-site partners (e.g. caterers) which devices they are bringing, the number of them, how much wattage per device they need and the load on that group. This allows us to verify that the amount of power requested matches the power needed.
  • We use a smart power plan. 40% of the stages run on green power, but for our main stage we have a battery pack the size of a container to run on full green power. This results in a saving of ten-thousand liters of petrol compared to the usage of each of our last five years.
  • Our toilets are now vacuum toilets. These toilets use 10x less water than regular toilets.
  • After the festival, we clean the sand with a beach cleaner tractor
  • We do not use confetti and the use of fireworks has been almost completely eliminated from our closing shows. Instead, we have a different, environmentally friendly alternative. But what that will be, is still a surprise
  • We are joining forces with Re-banner, an organization that uses materials from festivals to create new, useful products.
  • Every year, we use the same wood for the construction of our stages.