Extrema Resort

The Lima

2 people



Enjoy your stay in comfort with the Lima. This entry-level accommodation will provide you with all the essentials that will be necessary for a relaxed stay at The Extrema Resort. You can explore the luxurious resort, while staying in a nice and comfortable tent with your best friend or partner.

You will stay in an elegant accommodation with comfy air mattresses, pillows, duvets and seats. If book the regelar package, your stay will even include breakfast from a renowned chef and Extrema branded towels, bath slippers and sleeping mask. Besides you can make use of room service, food & drink delivery at the lounges, early check-in on Thursday and late check-out on Monday till 4 p.m.

At the exclusive Extrema Resort, you will be able to enjoy the relaxing and splendid facilities such as luxury showers & toilets, a spa, hot tubs, sauna’s, deluxe lounges including waiters, beauty salons and many more. All elements to fully energise you for another festival day will be present.

See you at Extrema!

Accommodation specifications:

  • Comfy air mattresses, pillows, duvets
  • A plaid, doormat and lamp
  • Two outdoor seats
  • Table*
  • Extrema branded towels, bath slippers and sleeping mask*
  • Powerbank*

* Basic Package excluded

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Extrema Resort Pricing - The Lima

Basic Package
€399 - €49,88 pppn

Festival Ticket Excluded

Regular Package
€699 - €87,38 pppn

Festival Ticket Excluded
  • Accommodation
    Comfy air mattresses, pillows, duvets, plaid, doormat, lamp, one seat per person, a table and an Extrema welcome gift.
  • Parking ticket
    You can park your car at a secure and private parking area near the resort.
  • Luxury showers & toilets facilities (shared)
    We will provide you with the best possible sanitary facilities and will make sure that there are enough and that they are clean.
  • Early check-in on Thursday and late check-out on Monday till 4 p.m.
    Normal camping guests need to leave the campsite before 12:00. You can enjoy a nice sleep after a long weekend and check out at 16:00.
  • Extrema branded towels, bath slippers and sleeping mask
    Exclusive and unique Extrema branded memorabilia to use at the campsite as well as at home.
  • Food and drink delivery service
    From every seat at the resort, you can easily order drinks or food, which will get delivered directly to you by our nice waiters. Prefer room service after a hard day of dancing? Also a possibility!
  • Royal breakfast buffet from a renowned chef
    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. At Extrema you will love to get out of your comfortable bed for your breakfast. You can enjoy a royal breakfast buffet, made by our renowned chef, existing of exclusive festival breakfast items. We guarantee that this will be the best breakfast you have ever had at a festival!