Jeroen Delodder

Closing off Extrema on Sunday for the sixth time in a row! Just when you think the festival's over - Jeroen presses the play button. Party DJ since day one, radio host and DJ for Studio Brussel (The Greatest Switch, Switch, Studio Ibiza, …) since 2012. With his DJ-sets Jeroen Delodder finely walks the line of serious club classics and refreshing dancefloor fillers. From trance anthem to rave classic, Jeroen says: House Every Weekend! Jeroen was there at Extrema Outdoor, The Greatest Switch The Party, Ostend Beach, Music For Life and Laundry Day. In 2017 he played Fuse, Rock Werchter, WeCanDance and a crazy 24 hour non stop DJ-set on Studio Brussel. Anthem alert! Prepare yourself for a magnificent musical journey. To quality and beyond.


Sunday00.30 - 03.00Camping Afterparties (The Greatest Switch)

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