Âme & Dixon

"Âme: Wiedemann and Beyer first crossed paths in 2000 at the latter's record shop, Plattentasche, in their hometown of Karlsruhe. Bonding over Chicago house, Detroit techno and much else besides, the duo began producing seminal releases for Sonar Kollektiv in 2003. Eager to not repeat themselves, Âme shattered their established sound in favor of a nimble, compositional approach that birthed their club-conquering single, "Rej", and introduced them on the world stage. Dixon: How can it be... ...that a DJ with no massive hits to his name, who tends to steer clear of mainstream trends, rarely gives interviews and has not released a commercial mix CD for years can find himself at the top of Resident Advisor’s Top DJ Poll for four year in a row?To get to the root of this broad and sustained appeal, we need to go back to his formative years and ask what a DJ is essentially there to do in the first place. When Dixon entered the Berlin club circuit in the early 90s, he made his name on the strength of his djing. Back then, confidence or experience from releasing mixes online didn’t matter as much as it does now. You had to do your practice, of course, but when your sound was good and your mixing tight enough to take it to the clubs, there were opportunities out there. But with those opportunities came responsibilities. A residency did not mean playing the same club every once in a while, it meant playing the same club every week. The crowd didn’t consist of people who pick and choose club nights and their guest djs as the weekly hype commanded them. These were people who headed straight to a certain club night because they were sure its resident dj would deliver the goods this week as he did last week, and the next weeks to come. As long as that happened, there was no need to move on."


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